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Employee Benefits

» High frequency IJP roll outs

» Free mediclaim

» Bi-annual rewards

» Yearly big ticket awards

» Open door policy

» Complimentary meal

» Employee engagement activities

What our employees say about us

Completed 7 years with XDBS and it’s been quite an eventful journey. I started as a DGE and slowly climbed my way and ended up being a Manager with the Digital Marketing team of the organization. I joined when the strength was merely 10-12 employees and now when I see how much we have grown as a family over these years. It gives me a sense of gratitude to be a part of XDBS. XDBS supports customer focused values which makes the work environment extremely comfortable for its employees. The policies are transparent and the management is approachable. I am glad to be a part of XDBS and a proud ‘XDBian’.

Sheetal Gahlod

Manager - Digital Marketing
Preeti Kaur Makkad
XDBS has been an incredible experience, a company that grew and ensured that its employees grow with it. The mission of the company is great and when I look back, I can't imagine how far we have come and more importantly, the future that it has mapped out. I am here for it and I can't wait for what more is in store. The best company I have ever worked with, XDBS truly cares about its employees.

Preeti Kaur Makkad

Account Manager
Anish Gopinathan
Being in XDBS for the last 7 years, I have learnt that nothing is impossible for the ones who work towards the company’s vision with dedication. I strongly believe that no matter if there is a downhill in life and if you are motivated & have the right support, you can achieve great milestones. XDBS has been more of a family than a workplace.
Leading a team of employees, I believe my success lies in my team’s success & I consider that learning should never stop because of which my team has the maximum promotion rate.

A quote I follow, “Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your DREAMS”.

Anish Gopinathan

Manager - Operations
Rizwan Raza
What makes XDBS different and unique from any other company in this sector is the way it allows its employees to grow from young apprentices into company leaders—just like I did. That’s the culture here. We want people to be successful. We believe in promoting from within. Over time, I’ve had opportunities to work with people in almost every department of the company, and everyone shares the same philosophy of working as a team and helping others succeed. It’s a great environment to be in, and it makes work feel like home.

Rizwan Raza

Director - Operation

Employee Engagement

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