We’ve built a suite of B2B technology marketing services that can be tailored and integrated to meet your marketing objectives. Why choose Us?

Our campaigns are world-class in style, scope and execution — we know how making your marketing eye-catching and most effective. Your prospects need to have the best possible ‘brand recall’.

We maximize your spend and improve efficiency through continual refinement of campaigns, using top granular measurement tools to track that ROI.

Our team has expertise you can count on. We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, as well as some of the most niche. Since 2011, XDBS has remained the ‘Partner of Choice’ for most of our customers and have been a top quality demand generation company.

We’re always identifying opportunities for further growth, and pushing the program to consistently win big — your brand reaps the benefits.

Using advanced tools, we weed out any less-than-perfect aspects to ensure your strategy performs at 100% capacity and capability.

We identify everything from demographic details of the best channels to reach them. We decode their online behavior so you can make the perfect introduction.

Creative & flawless execution with a sense of urgency & focus on results is how I’d describe the XDBS team.

Tung Phan CEO - Line Technology Solutions

demand generation

Before you ask, we do it all. We’re the connectors behind the scenes, introducing campaigns to the right audience via the web, 1-to-1 interaction and the phone.

Customer Contact & Profile

intelligent high definition data

Our B2B customer contact & profiling solutions get you in front of the right audience with the correct amount of accuracy and preciseness.

  • Customer Data
  • Audience Profiling
  • Tech Install-base
  • Intent & Behavior 
  • Social Listening
  • Opt-in & Subscribed

Media & Content Syndication

your content in front of the right audience

We provide our B2B clients with proven  marketing services such as persona development, lead generation, sales alignment, and more. All this via our media & content distribution services.

  • Content Distribution
  • Traffic Assurance
  • Marketing Leads
  • Sales Leads
  • Trial/Demo Leads

Sales Augmentation

your extended sales team

These are higher quality, deep rooted, sales-focused services that help us penetrate into your target account list. These campaigns are bespoke with higher levels of output to fill your sales pipeline.

  • Pyramid Campaigns
  • Appointment Setting
  • Engagement
  • Opt-in Management

Customers convert 20% faster while engaging with interactive solutions as opposed to traditional and static presentation tools.

Product knowledge retention increases by 80% when prospects can drive their own sales engagement through interactive marketing.

You need a new approach to generating attention, earning prospect interest, and proving the value of your marketing dollar investment. That’s where we come in.

Target Audience Profiling

Clarify your direction and sharpen your targeting. Know the customers, understand their challenges, and develop a content target understanding that will engage better.

Today’s B2B buyers are on the hunt for information. Your job as a marketer is to provide them with the content they’re looking for at any stage in their journey—but first you have to understand who they are and what they need to know.

Campaign Management

Move beyond the sales pitch. Your customers and prospects are hungry for knowledge. We mine your content and help you make an effective campaign plan before executing it. Only the best planned campaigns succeed.

Inform, inspire, and engage. We’ll help you keep up with the demands of creating relevant, insightful, useful content, and we’ll enable you to measure every click and conversion so you can make sure your efforts deliver the right results.

Response Management

Keep the conversation going, but first let’s get all responses collected – in an accurate and precise manner. You’ve built a connection with your leads—now it’s time to handle them.

Accurate lead response management will ensure better conversion for your sales team. When and where the lead needs to go. Convert leads to closed deals with data-driven processes and tools. Our technology ensures seamless & real-time lead transfer in most cases.

Lead Qualification

Our lead qualification, expertise gives your team the intelligence, tools, and training they need to convert leads to closed deals and further your customer engagement.

Build on the relationship you’ve already begun in the lead-generation and nurturing phases by making sure marketing and sales are on the same page. We supply Marketing Qualified & Sales Ready Leads