Appointment Garnering

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Let us build and manage your outbound sales appointments and let your sales teams do what they are best in – sales. Our statistics reveal that on a typical sales calendar, a sales team ends up spending upto 66% of their time on getting through to the right person and trying to setup a time to talk! This is where XDBS’s Appointment Garnering services kick-in.

Our teams based out of our Asia-based facilities are business graduates with experience in technology sales. These resources qualify your prospects and setup confirmed telephone or in-person meetings for your sales teams. Your sales teams take over these appointments and further uncover opportunities and potential next steps.

Our clients have reported that their sales teams are better planned with increased visibility into their sales meetings, more transparency with their time and efforts and of course lower costs. We design your appointment garnering programs to ensure that your company’s product or services are positioned the way you envision them to be. Here are some highlights of our program -


  1. Fully integrated and extended team relationship with your team using telephone, common CRM and communication strategies
  2. Technology that makes reporting and progress easier. Our specialized CRM gives you visibility into all customer interaction at all times
  3. We deploy fully trained, qualified and dedicated resources for your program
  4. Access to XDBS’s current and qualified list of prospects for a quick climb time


We provide lead generation & appointment garnering to many technology companies in North America & Asia Pacific. For pricing and solutions, get in touch with us today!