Lead Nurturing

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XDBS offers multiple lead nurturing process. These processes are put together in various capacities to build a bespoke lead management program for you.

Your sales teams generate leads from various sources, most of them being unqualified and totally raw. They then spend most of their sales team to understand if those accounts are qualified, or not. We build specific programs for you to nurture your leads into full-blown meetings, qualified opportunities and even RFPs.

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Appointment Garnering

Sales teams end up spending more than 66% of their time in securing appointments with the right party. XDBS takes away that portion of the job and supplies your sales team with qualified and confirmed meetings.

Lead Reactivation

Spent marketing dollars on a campaign with no results? Have leads that are not qualified or dead? We can help you reactivate those leads and qualify them!

Lead Qualification

Do you have leads but don't know where to start? Take our recommendation - start with qualifying them. Its seen that an informed qualification strategy will enhance your top line by up to 70%