CRM Systems & Data Cleansing are constantly being updated by thousands of users across different departments. This always leads to multiple entries by multiple users. Over a period of time, a large amount of CRM data becomes duplicate. In addition, as the key contacts change their old titles and jobs, the data remains subject to constant changes. This is also accompanied by constant data entry errors. Hence, over a period of time, the CRM accumulates a sizable number of duplicate contacts, wrong entries and dated data.

The XDBS Data Cleansing mechanism quickly identifies the errors in the data, appends the unfilled information, removes the duplicate and creates an error free CRM within weeks. This helps marketeers identify the true result of their marketing campaigns.

  1. Correct details about your account including missing information like complete titles, company details, zip codes, direct   phones, emails.
  2. Append all account profile details like revenue, SIC codes, qualification profiles, competition details.
  3. Standardize all CRM & Data formats to ensure consistency throughout the organization.
  4. Telephone and web scraping techniques to update and verify all data is accurate and current.