Business List Building

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For a Business to Business sales process, identifying the right decision makers and the ones who influence, is quintessential. XDBS helps organizations in creating a bespoke campaign-specific contact lists. XDBS Contact Discovery program enables organizations to unearth specific job titles with utmost precision. Our specialized and targeted contact discovery services work on ‘role-based’ discovery versus the conventional title based discovery. This ensures optimal connects with the right party contacts. We answer questions that are most essential for the success of your Sales Opportunity Creation campaigns:

  1. Who are the buyers?
  2. How many of them are there?
  3. Where are they located?
  4. How do they influence the decision making process?
  5. What is their phone number?
  6. How can I find their emails address?
Our Data Solutions have brought down our client’s data maintenance cost by over 50%. Connect today to know how!