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Quality data is the cornerstone of all successful demand generation strategies. Business to Business databases double in size almost every year. This increases the probability of data errors. People often change jobs and roles. Their buying behavior changes in response to constant shifts in priorities based on trigger events.

Being out of tune with your prospects and customers’ information hinders an organization’s ability to create the consistency and competence that buyers expect from their vendors. This is where XDBS’s Data Solutions help in turning sales & marketing campaigns into an effective tool to generate leads.

Data Solutions

What is our secret ingredient? We use a combination of processes to update and get your contacts to perform better. How? Connect with us, we will be happy to discuss.

XDBS’ data core competency lies in complex data life cycle management. XDBS plays the role of a trusted data partner for the organizations at each stage of the data life cycle ensuring that an accurate, relevant and timely data is available to Sales and Marketing teams on a real-time basis.

XDBS data offerings span across the Data Life cycle in the following forms -

Role-based Contact Discovery

Using various connect and verification strategies, we discover name and contact details of the RPC. These contacts are verified and guaranteed for phone calls & email delivery. All old and bad contacts are replaced.

Account Profiling

Based on your key qualification questions, we profile your named/target accounts to fit your requirement of a good sales profile. Our account profiling services include a bit of sales intelligence, as well.

Data Appends

Replace your old contacts and information to most recent. We use a 5 step process to append your contact data and at a cost that is significantly lower than other data list providers.

Email Opt-Ins

Ever wanted to have a qualified email marketing list without having to connect with them? This service helps you get contacts (of course within your named/target accounts) and have their consent to receive marketing collateral from you.

CRM Data Cleansing

This way we enable you to clean, update, and append your CRM data to find and put in all missing information and ensure your data is accurate and consistent, throughout.

Install Base List

Do you want to only pay for contacts that use your target technology? Our Install Base list building only focuses on your 'sweet-spot' to get you insights into your potential client's infrastructure and guarantees a match. For example: we can find out what technology they are using and how many licenses, etc.
Our data enrichment services have helped companies enhance their sales & marketing performance by 300%