XDBS engages with the decision makers through periodic Whitepapers. It’s important to ensure that the Whitepapers reach the right party contact and is read. Hence, XDBS Reps ensure that the White papers are reaching the right contact person through a prior opt-in. This activity includes an opt-in and then a confirmation on the receipt of the said whitepaper.

We can work with your target/named accounts or target a list that is as per your specifications. Contacts however are always profiled role-based for better results of your content marketing campaign.

  1. Viewership guaranteed – we use email, newsletter and telephone to ensure your digital asset is viewed
  2. We profile your prospect while disseminating the asset so you understand them better
  3. Opt-In taken while distributing/download trigger
  4. Performance based pricing, so you only pay for downloads and not opt-ins


Contingent on the list quality, conventional email campaigns can yield up to .5% downloads and that too mostly with unpredictability. XDBS content distribution services ensures your campaign reaches its top-slot and delivers qualified viewership to your digital asset.

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