Content Marketing

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XDBS has been promoting content & assets (digital) for many leading marketing and technologies companies via its unique multi-channel methodology. Our outreach is spread across North America, Latin America, UK and Asia Pacific.

Our Content Distribution services work on the basic premise of ‘generating interest’. Our services stops short of a direct sales pitch or call to action, but seeks to positively influence your target audience in some way. We use multiple channels to get your information out to the right party contact:

Multi-Channel Content Distribution


Various forms of digital content that we promote includes whitepapers, ebooks, executive briefs, technical papers, newsletters, case studies and of course the second most popular engagement tool – webinars & webcasts.

Our services provides guaranteed audience to your asset in blocks of 100 upto 2000 per asset. We target your sweet-spot, prospects, customers and of course your named accounts to get you in front of the, instantly. We can also augment your data with our data or even build a custom list for you.

  1. Multi-channel strategy for all your promotions (Push & Pull)
  2. Personalized content dissemination to ensure viewership and not only download
  3. Pay for performance pricing model to ensure best ROI on your marketing spend
  4. Guaranteed registrations for your webinar & podcasts
  5. Assisted viewership